Senator Albert: Celebrating A Good Man

The recent training organized for over 120 youths drawn from Akwa Ibom North East in Uyo and subsequent empowerment of these youths with start-up capital for their businesses amounting to N10m has again confirmed Distinguished Senator Bassey Albert, Senator representing Akwa Ibom North East in the 8th Senate and Chair, Senate Committee on Gas as a good man and one committed to serving his people. It goes further to confirm the words of Rev Ntia Ntia, a renowned servant of God who recently said ‘’Nothing can breakdown a man who is being sustained by the force of vision’’. This is true as the Senator has a genuine vision of service to his people.

I want to completely agree with Rev Ntia because for Senator Albert service to the people is the attraction to seeking for public office that is why he has continuously evolved ways to making sure his people are lifted, have cause to earn money, smile and be a blessing to other constituents. The training which lasted for one week and had consultants who handled the training in collaboration with Small and Medium scale Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) had constituents trained on brick laying, bead making, make –up skills, catering etc. After the intensive training the trainees were given fabulous cash rewards to assist them to start their businesses. During the opening ceremony for the training the representative of Senator Bassey Albert, the Chairman of his Constituency office committee, Mr. Daniel Udoh commended the ebullient Senator for planning for his constituents while calling on the trainees to show commitment to the training by giving lessons received the attention it deserves, use the skills acquired to better their lives. He also charged them to keep good character to attract customers when they start their businesses. Speaker after speaker alluded to the fact that the Senator has done well for his constituents in diverse ways.

It is on record that vintage Senator Albert has shown enormous goodwill to many constituents including the 120 undergraduates from the Senatorial District who are enjoying an all school expense scholarship till graduation from the Senator put at N10m yearly. This is so because of the Senator’s absolute believe in education as it has the capacity of transforming lives beyond bounds. He has also taken upon himself to identify with his constituents during festive seasons in a record setting manner given the quality of gifts to the people. A good number of his constituents receive monthly packages from the Senator because of his absolute believe in stomach infrastructure as it is true that a political office holder can only render service or add value to a people who are alive.

Even from the bills in the Senate so far, which are centered on youth empowerment like the National youth Empowerment bill 2015 and the Industrial Revolution Bill 2016 and of course the Gas flaring prohibition bill which has passed through second reading as it will when it becomes law of the land create greater opportunities for our youths in the Gas sector. It might interest you to know that this is the first time a Senator from Akwa Ibom North East (Uyo) Senatorial District is putting in place an effective constituency office to serve as a rallying point for the District. Many of his constituents see this as a big feat by the Senator who has equally shown capacity in legislative engagements even as a first timer at the senate to chair the senate committee on Gas Resources.

That is perhaps why a Development Journalist, Nura Mohammed recently described the Senator as a man who indeed loves his people and one truly called to service, a huge support for development and one who enjoys putting smiles on the faces of his people no matter the season.
The Senator himself alluded to this in a recent interview when he declared ’’For me making people happy is a way of life. I believe very strongly that living well is not how rich one is but the ability to impact on the lives of others. I owe my people a duty to ensure that they feel the impact of me representing them at the National Assembly’’. Let me say perhaps point blank that in my voyage in the media, I have not heard of a politician from this clime publicly declaring that he feels fulfilled making people happy. It is a very positive political statement coming from the lawmaker.

It is also on record that within the first six months in office, the Distinguished Senator after many years of neglect nominated two major roads in Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial District which are to be constructed by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) courtesy of the admirable Senator. The roads are Obong Itam-Ekit Itam-Mbiaya Uruan-Ikpa-Mbiakong-Idu Uruan phase 1, located in Uyo and Uruan Local Government Areas and Ikpe Ikot Nkon-Ikpe Okon – Ikpanya road located in Ini and Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area. It is a fulfillment of his political vision to continue to contribute to the infrastructure development of the senatorial district in particular and the State in general. On the development, the charismatic Senator said “When completed, the road which has suffered several years of neglect will contribute to the socio economic development of the four affected local government areas. The roads will also ease access of the people to other parts of the State”.
For his strong believe in people involvement in governance, the Senator on assumption of office did set up a management committee for his liaison office chaired by a seasoned politician and entrepreneur, Mr. Daniel Udoh with members drawn from all the nine local government areas that make up Akwa Ibom senatorial district. This is a departure from the trend overtime as the constituents now feel leadership by their Senator. How about his 2015 football tourney that engaged over 200 young persons including other stakeholders positively? The football meet has helped to discover new talents in football and at the same time enriching them with fabulous prizes. At the moment thousands of these football enthusiasts are already praying for another opportunity to give them another opportunity to display their skills and win cash. The Senator has given hope for the event soon.

The Senator is currently building a massive multi-purpose event centre for use by constituents on completion at ifa in Uyo which will house facilities like an event hall, tutorials section for JAMB, WAEC, NECO students, sports facility and a compelling relaxation centre. The multi million naira project is in fulfillment of his electoral promises to the people. It is always a comforting memory and warmth for many that come the way of Senator Bassey Albert, Senator representing Akwa Ibom North East (Uyo) Senatorial District and Chair, Senate Committee on Gas Resources whenever the opportunity presents itself. It is his ability to evoke feelings of belonging and generosity that crops up in plenty of reflective conversations. It is this pleasant memory that makes him bond with others through a mutual enjoyment of their personal stories and experiences.
Senator Albert beyond politics provides an ambience that makes people want to be around him, showing love to people in a manner that cannot be defined. OBA’s grace to connect easily with people is amazing. He takes out time to wine and dine with his constituents at his residence many atimes, you marvel at the number of humans that come to the airport to await his arrival and this has been the trend over time. As he meets them, he radiates smiles that are assuring soothing and hopeful especially at this time of recession.
Senator Bassey Albert is quite cerebral in his presentations at plenary to the admiration of his constituents and beyond.

He has completed constituency projects in the nine local Government Areas that make up the Senatorial District that are truly life touching.This is because as a leader, he is more concerned about the yearnings of the people, connecting to their emotions. Recently the Senate resolved to probe the concession at Nigerian Railways following his motion, he has also moved a motion for the effective implementation of the joint venture cash calls obligations by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) not to talk of his comment on the economy especially as it has to do with mobbing of cash into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) which he stressed is not helping the economy to grow as well as his motion on the urgent need to curb the soaring rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

The Distinguished Senator has been so involved in oversight function to various platforms under his committee, Gas Resources where he is the Chair crisscrossing Nigeria to ensure that there is quality service delivery and that Nigerians are better for it as far as the Gas sector is concerned and more given his membership of other juicy committees. In all, he strives to serve his constituents and Nigerians as the people come first.

The combination of these dispositions makes the Distinguished Senator one of the most valuable politicians you can find around. Apart from his efficiency and pure love for people his innovative ways to adding value to them is simply unbeatable.

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