Oversight Visit to NLNG Plant in Bonny Island

As part of the resolve of the Senate Committee on Gas Resources,to see into ways of harnessing the oil and gas sector towards improving its contribution to economic growth of our great country ; I led other senators of the committee to an oversight function to the NLNG at the Bonny Island on Monday, 24/10/2016.

Pleased to be warmly received by the MD and other staff of the LNG,we acknowledged the promise of the company to help build a better Nigeria through increased revenue,in terms of dividends to NNPC/FGN, taxes, gas purchases,employments,roads construction,provision of scholarships/ building of schools, and supporting in the health sector .
Also noted were the challenges of the company,which according to its MD,include PIB uncertainty, regulatory unpredictability,security/pipe line,JV funding gap over decades by FGN, gas supply/ JV contracts approvals,and stake holder expectation vs realities.

To unblock these challenges,the company prayed for a $20 billion upstream feed-gas development and a projection of Nigeria reputation as law abiding, and save place for investment .

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